Country Life: What’s the Best and Worst Way to Cook Bacon?

How do you cook your bacon?  In a pan?  In the microwave?  Air fryer, or oven?  Everybody thinks that their way is the best way.  But according to the folks at, you might be doing it ALL WRONG.

Honestly, most of these options are still pretty delicious, because it’s BACON after all . . . But which way is the best?  Here are the top two:

1.  Put your bacon on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake it at 400 degrees.  18 minutes for regular-cut . . . 24 minutes for thick-cut.  It’s hands down the winner, because of how perfect the cook is, and the ease of cleanup.

2.  Cooking in a cast iron skillet.  Put the bacon in a cold cast iron skillet and then turn on medium heat.  Continue to turn for 8-11 minutes, depending on thickness and desired crispiness.

And here are the two worst ways to cook bacon:

1.  The water in the pan method.  You’re supposed to add enough water to cover the bacon . . . Then turn on high heat and cook till the water boils . . . Then medium until the water evaporates . . . then low-medium to finish.  NOPE.  This method was too messy, and the bacon cooked unevenly.

2.  Microwave.  And you already know why.  They’re going to be nuclear hot and rubbery.  It’s slightly better if you sandwich the bacon between paper towels, but they never come out crispy enough.

What’s your favorite way to cook bacon?

(You can check out the full list, here.  And here’s a great picture of the results.)