Country Life: What Is Homesteading?

Homesteading is the act of living self-sufficiently.  This usually means that you grow your own food, raise livestock on your land, and possibly produce your own textiles and clothing.  Some homesteaders even use solar power to sustain themselves.

Full commitment to all that is impressive, if not overwhelming.  Most of us don’t want to live fully off the grid, though.  But it would be cool to be self-sufficient.  So, is there a way to dabble in homesteading, but in our modern life?

Here is a list of ways you can experience homesteading no matter where you live:

1.  Reduce your waste and footprint.  You can compost your kitchen scraps, grass clippings, and old leaves and reuse it in your garden or donate it.  Also using eco-friendly reusable bags and switching to homemade cleaning products.

2.  Grow vegetables or herbs in containers on a windowsill.  Specifically, sprouts make great additions to salads and meals.

3.  Practice canning.  Buy some vegetables and go to work.  Here’s a guide.

4.  Learn how to sew, or make your own clothes.

5.  Support local farmers and businesses that grow their food organically.

6.  Learn how to bake from scratch.

7.  Take a moment in your day to disconnect from the modern world.  Turn off all your devices and go take a walk in nature.

(Azure Farm Life)