Country Life: Seven Things That Are True For Every Southerner

“Business Insider” put together a list of things that are true for every Southerner.  And most of it is right as rain.

If you live in the south, you’re already going to know all this stuff.  But if you live elsewhere, this might help you fit in better if you visit.  At the very least, it should enlighten you to the funny ways Southerners like to do things.

Here are seven things that every Southerner knows to be true:

1.  If you order a tea, you’re getting sweet tea.  It’s the law of the land.

2.  If it snows a fraction of an inch, school will be closed for an entire week.  Southerners aren’t used to that weird “snow” stuff.

3.  “Y’all” is better than “you guys.”  However, this is true everywhere in America.  Y’all is just a more fun way to say it.

4.  In the summer, hunting for shade in a parking lot is a time-honored tradition.  If not, when you return to your car it will be precisely 936 degrees inside.

5.  Grits are what’s up.  Anyone that’s ever been to a Waffle House agrees.  They are the finest breakfast side that ever was.

6.  Rivers are meant for floating.  All you need is two inflatable tubes.  One for you . . . and one for the cooler.  And don’t forget to apply sunscreen generously.

7.  Country music is the best.  “What kind of music do you usually have here?  Oh, we got both kinds . . . country AND western.”

(Business Insider)