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Coronavirus Quick Hits: The Spring Breaker Apologizes, Which States Have Been Most Aggressive, and More

Here are some major coronavirus developments that are making headlines right now . . .

1.  The spring breaker who became the face of coronavirus irresponsibility by saying “If I get corona, I get corona” has issued a public apology.

2.  Here’s a ranking of how aggressive the states have been in their approach to coronavirus, according to a new study.  California is number one . . . Mississippi is last.

3.  We say it every day, but it NEEDS to be repeated:  This doesn’t just affect old people.  America had its first child die of coronavirus yesterday . . . someone “under the age of 18” from Lancaster, California passed away.

4.  Studies have found warm weather may be able to slow down coronavirus, but it won’t stop it entirely . . . and it doesn’t mean the virus can’t make a comeback when things get cooler again.

5.  The FDA has fast-tracked clinical trials on an arthritis drug that may be able to treat some coronavirus symptoms.  It could be available by the summer.

6.  YouTube is lowering the resolution of videos it streams to help minimize the stress we’re all putting on the Internet right now.

7.  Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia is ignoring social distancing recommendations and has welcomed students back after spring break.  Falwell recently speculated that coronavirus was created by North Korea.

8.  A grocery store CEO says the major rush may finally be over and now things have settled down.

9.  Someone in Kentucky apparently got the virus at a “coronavirus party.”  Wow.

10.  Around 50 workers at a Perdue Farms plant in Georgia walked off the job, saying they didn’t feel safe working there during the pandemic.  Quote, “We’re up here risking our life for chicken.”

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