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Coronavirus Insanity: What Personality Type Ignores Safety Rules, an Employee Lies About Coronavirus to Get Out of a Shift, and More

Here’s a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .

1.  A new study found people who don’t follow coronavirus safety measures like wearing masks are more likely to have antisocial personality traits . . . like lying, hostility, risk-taking, and lacking empathy.

2.  A pizza restaurant in West Lafayette, Indiana near Purdue University has reopened after it was shut down over the weekend . . . when an employee lied about a positive coronavirus test to get out of his shift.  The employee has been fired.

3.  About half of parents are worried their children’s education will always be behind because of the pandemic.

4.  Just six days after classes started at the University of Alabama there have been 566 cases of coronavirus.  The school paper says, quote, “Students have taken the University’s requirements as suggestions solely because administration has as well.”

5.  Japan is running out of credit card numbers with so many people staying home and applying for new credit cards for online shopping.

6.  Has the pandemic brought back the family business?  Or, if you want to be cynical, has it brought back nepotism?  Almost a quarter of business owners say they’ve hired a relative during the pandemic for extra help, or because the person couldn’t find a job.

7.  Two more people have been re-infected with coronavirus for the second time.

8.  Here are the updated stats on CONFIRMED coronavirus cases as of last night . . .

New daily cases in the U.S.:  40,098, with 1,291 new deaths.

Total cases in the U.S.:  5.9 million, with more than 182,400 deaths . . . and more than 3.2 million who’ve now recovered.

Total cases worldwide:  24 million . . . with more than 823,500 deaths . . . and more than 16.6 million people who’ve beaten the virus globally.

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