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Coronavirus Insanity: The Naked Challenge, Toilet Paper Origami, and More

Here are some NOT-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak . . .

1.  The newest social media challenge for the lockdown:  Walk in totally naked on your significant other while he’s playing video games and record his reaction.

2.  Since everyone’s rolling deep in toilet paper, now people are sharing social media pictures of their toilet paper origami.

3.  Facebook is working on . . . a coronavirus reaction button?

4.  There are submarine crews out there that may still not know about the pandemic.

5.  The French police have shared some of the stranger calls they’ve received since the quarantine began, including “Can my husband spend the weekend with his mistress?” and “A stranger caressed my horse, is there a risk it’s contaminated?”

6.  A doomsday shelter in Colorado has seen lots of new interest since the pandemic began.

7.  A guy rode his bike into the sea in Italy to try to avoid a police lockdown checkpoint.

8.  About 20 police officers went to a British comedy club because they saw a Facebook Live stream of a show going on inside . . . turns out the show was taped weeks ago.

9.  Rich people from New York City who are quarantining at their mansions in the Hamptons are paying limo companies to bring them their mail from the city.  Sigh.

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