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Coronavirus Insanity: Could Bigfoot Catch Coronavirus, an Online Shopping Boom, and More

Here are some NOT-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak . . .

1.  Bigfoot hunters are worried that Bigfoot is susceptible to coronavirus . . . so they’re sending out the message that you NEED to wear a mask when you go looking for Bigfoot to keep him safe.

2.  People did so much online shopping in April that eCommerce sites saw more traffic every single day of the month than they did on Black Friday.

3.  An employee at a Subway in New Zealand has been suspended after he used a woman’s coronavirus contact tracing information from the store’s log to find her online and hit on her.

4.  Some experts are now saying you should wait at least 30 days to have sex . . . or even kiss again . . . after you recover from coronavirus because of how it can linger in your body.

5.  The “Coors Light Clone Machine” creates a 30-second video loop of you that you can put on a video chat to step away for a moment.

6.  People say that the pandemic is affecting their usual summer travel plans this year . . . but 31% of Americans are still planning to take a road trip this summer.

7.  A restaurant in South Carolina is using blow-up dolls to block seats and keep people six feet apart.

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