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Coronavirus Insanity: Banks Are Running Low on Change, People Are Stockpiling Disposable Urinals, and More

Here’s some more coronavirus insanity surrounding the outbreak . . .

1.  The newest thing we’re running low on is pocket change.  No one’s using it, but some people are still paying with cash.  So stores and banks are running low.

2.  A hospital in Vancouver has seen an uptick in groin injuries that can all be attributed to the lockdown in one way or another.

3.  A food bank in England asked people to double-check expiration dates after someone donated a can of anchovies that expired in 1987.

4.  People are buying disposable urinals, so they don’t have to rely on public restrooms.  Searches for something called “Travel John Disposable Urinal bags” have skyrocketed.

5.  It turned out this guy didn’t have the virus.  But a suspected COVID-19 patient in India died last week after his family unplugged his ventilator to plug in an air conditioner.

6.  Someone outside Chicago left a bottle of hand sanitizer on their dashboard on Thursday, and it caught fire in the sun.

7.  The “cannonball run” record may have been broken again.  A guy in a rented Mustang replaced the back seats with fuel tanks, so he only had to get gas once.  He says he did the cross-country drive in just under 26 hours, averaging 108 miles an hour.

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