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Coronavirus Insanity: Americans Want to Move to New Zealand, Social Distancing’s Connection to Intelligence, and More

Here’s a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .

1.  Americans are visiting the New Zealand immigration website every 30 seconds to see if they qualify to move there since the entire country is coronavirus-free.  More than 250,000 have visited the site so far.

2.  A new study found people who socially distance are more intelligent.

3.  77% of people say they’d rather shop in a grocery store that requires masks . . . while 15% would rather shop in one that doesn’t require them.

4.  Dr. Anthony Fauci says we should consider wearing goggles or a face shield in addition to a mask over our nose and mouth, to protect the surface of our eyes from coming into contact with the virus.

5.  Los Angeles is considering a plan to pay people who test positive for coronavirus to quarantine themselves.  They’re calling it a “wage replacement program.”

6.  There are some incredible pictures going viral of Muslims socially distanced around the Great Mosque in Mecca for this year’s annual Hajj pilgrimage.

7.  The U.S. economy shrunk a record 32.9% in the second quarter of the year from the pandemic.

8.  The first dog in the U.S. to get coronavirus has died.  He’s a German Shepherd in New York.  He also likely had lymphoma, which is a type of cancer.

9.  Here are the updated stats on CONFIRMED coronavirus cases as of last night . . .

New daily cases in the U.S.:  68,569, with 1,465 new deaths.

Total cases in the U.S.:  4.63 million, with more than 155,000 deaths . . . and more than 2.2 million who’ve now recovered.

Total cases worldwide:  17.4 million . . . with more than 676,750 deaths . . . and more than 10.9 million people who’ve beaten the virus globally.

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