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Coronavirus Insanity: A Rise in Sugary Cereal, Drive-in Movies, and More

Here are some NOT-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak . . .

1.  People have been eating more cereal during the pandemic . . . specifically sugary cereal.  An industry report says it’s because adults find the sugary cereals are, quote, “familiar . . . comforting foods that brought joy and pleasure.”

2.  The pandemic has officially brought back the drive-in.  42% of people plan to visit a drive-in movie theater this summer.

3.  Demand for “luxury” real estate in vacation towns like Aspen, Colorado and Park City, Utah has been up during the pandemic . . . wealthy people want their own houses in those places so they have somewhere safe to stay when they visit.

4.  Could the quarantine change whether or not you pay for your porn?  The industry is asking people to think about actually paying for a little porn once in a while because of the major financial hit they’ve taken during the pandemic.

5.  Short’s Brewing Co. in northern Michigan has been making deliveries to some customers who are stuck at home by using a seaplane.

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