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Coronavirus Insanity: A Hooters Shortage in the Bay Area, a Live Event About the Loss of Live Events, and More

Here’s a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .

1.  Fans of Hooters in the San Francisco Bay Area are upset now that the entire region is down to just one Hooters, after a bunch of them went out of business during the pandemic.

2.  A group of event planners and experts in the Los Angeles area are getting criticized for holding a 90-person live event to discuss the loss of live events.

3.  For the second time in a week, someone who got a PPP loan was busted for using it to buy a Lamborghini.  This time it’s a guy in Texas . . . last week it was a guy in Florida.

4.  A couple from New Zealand who got stranded on the Falkland Islands during their honeymoon in March finally made it home . . . after getting a 5,000-nautical mile ride on an Antarctic fishing boat.

5.  A man’s obituary in Texas is going viral.  He died of coronavirus and the obituary says his family members, quote, “blame his death . . . on Trump, [Texas’s Governor] Abbott, and all the other politicians who did not take this pandemic seriously.”

6.  A woman in Florida who intentionally coughed on a cancer patient who asked her to wear a mask in a store has been arrested.

7.  An investment banker named Lindsay Rechler re-wrote “Goodnight Moon” as “Good Morning Zoom”, and it’s a parody of modern life.  It’s being published in October.

8.  Here are the updated stats on CONFIRMED coronavirus cases as of last night.

New daily cases in the U.S.:  54,504, with 1,362 new deaths.

Total cases in the U.S.:  More than 4.9 million, with more than 160,000 deaths . . . and more than 2.4 million who’ve now recovered.

Total cases worldwide:  18.7 million . . . with more than 704,000 deaths . . . and more than 11.9 million people who’ve beaten the virus globally.

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