Common Things People Do . . . That They Don’t Realize Is Actually Rude?

Let’s be honest, we’re all imperfect members of society:  For every pet peeve you have about something SOMEONE ELSE does . . . YOU are probably annoying someone else without realizing it.

There’s a thread online about the things people do or say without realizing how RUDE they are.  Do you AGREE . . . and / or are you GUILTY of any of them?

1.  Listening to anything in public with the volume turned up.

2.  Parking a shopping cart in the middle of the aisle . . . even temporarily . . . so that others can’t pass.

3.  Stepping off of a busy escalator, and then stopping to look around . . . so others have to awkwardly get off, while trying to avoid running into you.  This also seems to happen with moving walkways at the airport.

4.  If someone declines alcohol or drugs, insisting that they partake . . . looking disappointed . . . or asking them WHY they’re not drinking or smoking.

5.  Letting your dog jump on someone else.  Also:  Don’t let your KIDS jump on someone else.

6.  Asking a newly-married couple if they plan to have kids.  Or any couple really.  Also:  Asking a couple if (and when) they’re planning to get married.

7.  Looking at your phone while someone talks to you.

8.  Commenting on weight or physique in any way, even if it’s meant as a compliment.

9.  Giving unsolicited parenting advice.  Even indirectly . . . through your own social media posts.  Some people get a preaching / “shaming” vibe that way.

10.  Saying “no offense” is often followed by something very offensive.  If you feel like you need a buffer like “no offense” . . . then you should probably reconsider vocalizing it at all.

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