1.  Well, this is interesting:  In the February issue of “Men’s Journal”WILLIAM H. MACY said, quote, “Never lie.  It’s the cheapest way to go.  Lies cost you a lot, and they’re never worth what they cost.”

2.  Last year, LORI LOUGHLIN told “Us Weekly” that JOHN STAMOS told her she should write a book on parenting.

3.  In a YouTube video before she graduated from high school, Olivia Jade said she’s, quote, “literally never at school”.  (Video above. Skip ahead to 1:47.)

4.  FELICITY HUFFMAN and LORI LOUGHLIN are both now officially off social media.  Felicity also deleted her parenting website, What the Flicka?

5.  NFL legend JOE MONTANA says he used Rick Singer’s firm for his kids, but not for anything illegal, and his kids got accepted to colleges on their own merits.  (It’s possible.  Singer did do stuff above-board, too.)