Chocolate Is a Better Cough Suppressant Than Cough Medicine?

We’re still in the middle of cold-and-flu season.  So, here’s a hack you’ll definitely want to try if you’re fighting a cough . . .

According to a new study, CHOCOLATE might be a better cough suppressant than actual cough medicine.

Researchers in England took over 160 people with coughs and either gave them cough medicine with codeine, or a chocolate-based medicine called “Rococo.”

And two days later, the people who used the chocolatey stuff reported a “significant improvement” in their symptoms compared to the people who took normal cough medicine.

A previous study found it might have to do with a certain alkaloid in chocolate that works as a cough suppressant.

So does this mean that just EATING chocolate can help with a cough?  We were expecting a letdown here . . . but apparently the answer is YES, it can.

The researchers used a chocolate-based medicine in the study, but say that sucking on a piece of chocolate can help too.

Things like hot chocolate and chocolate milk don’t work as well though, because they don’t come into contact with your throat for very long.

(AJC / Daily Mail)