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Here’s something to toss on your resumé that might help get you hired.  The hot new job skill to have is . . . knowing how to use ChatGPT.

The website polled 1,000 bosses and found it’s the new in-demand skill companies are looking for.

90% said having experience with it is a plus and could increase your chances of landing a job.  49% even said their company has already used it in one way or another, like to write stuff or help with customer support.

Resumé Builder also found hundreds of job listings on ZipRecruiter that mention ChatGPT.  Most are jobs in tech, copywriting, and social media roles.

The good news is ChatGPT only launched five months ago, and no one has a TON of experience with it yet.  So start playing around with the free version online if you haven’t already, or watch a few videos to learn how it works.

Then once you’re comfortable, add it to your list of job skills.  Even just showing that you’re on board and enthusiastic about it might give you a leg up.  (CNBC /