By 2050, We May Have Waterless Dishwashers and Self-Stocking Fridges

Dr. James Bellini is a futurologist in England.  Which apparently is a real thing.  “Futurologist,” not “England.”  We know England is a real thing.

He’s talking about things that he expects to be “mainstream” by 2050 . . . which means they’ll be accessible to everyday people, not just super rich techies.  His list includes:

1.  Households will be using drones to stock the fridge.

2.  We’ll grow food in vertical farms, where fields stretch upwards not outwards.

3.  Kitchens will operate almost entirely without water, using ultrasonic waves to clean surfaces.  Also, washing machines will use high-tech beads to destroy dirt.

4.  As for space, from 2030 onwards, we’ll see many Mars programs kicking in, and within that decade, men and women will be landing on Mars and creating self-sustaining economies.

5.  Eating bugs will be normalized.

6.  There will be bins that automatically separate recycling.

(Study Finds)