Butterball Just Released Its Thanksgiving Predictions . . . in August

 If you felt like Pumpkin Spice Lattes arriving in August was too soon, then this is WAY too soon . . .

Butterball just released a bunch of predictions for THANKSGIVING, which is almost three months away.  Maybe because Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall?  Here are a few quick highlights . . .

1.  90% of Americans plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  It’s been lower than that the past two years because of the pandemic.

2.  85% will serve turkey.  No data yet on which sides we’re serving.

3.  Expect slightly more first-time hosts this November, up 4% from last year.  So a lot of young people will be hosting.

4.  Most people say inflation IS a concern, but it won’t prevent them from celebrating.  24% might cook more from scratch though.  8% might invite fewer people.  And 15% might go with more of a potluck Thanksgiving.