Brad Finally Writes a Blog!

I have held out as long as I could on writing one of these blog posts. There were a few reasons why I hid whenever I heard the “nit picking weenie” talking about writing one of these things. One, I was a terrible student in school and I was a lot better at socializing than paying attention to actual school work. Two, I lead a pretty boring life and could not think of anything interesting to write about. Well, that changed when I found out Saturday morning that my wife and I are having a baby girl. We have known we were expecting our first child for quite some time but didn’t want to make it public until we got through the first trimester and found out the gender.

The first trimester was “fairly easy” for my wife. No morning sickness just a little nausea and a lot of fatigue. I’m hoping and praying the rest of her pregnancy goes as smoothly. My favorite part of this experience so far was getting to tell our family and friends the great news and seeing their reactions. Also being at the ultrasounds and seeing our baby growing so much in just a few short months has been incredible and so surreal. I’m excited to see the whole process and see our little banana sized baby grow into a tiny little human and eventually into a grown woman.

Full blown panic hasn’t quite set in yet, although I’m sure it’s just around the corner. So far it only hits me at random times, and I see or hear something then I’m reminded that in a few short months I am going to be father and I have no clue how to care for an infant. Like the other day, I saw a photo on Instagram of a baby wrapped up in a blanket after a bath and it hit me I shouldn’t be allowed to bathe a child. So in a state of panic I texted my wife saying I won’t be able to bathe our child with her response being “yeah, you like your showers scalding hot.” Luckily she is the smart one and talked me down. I was also reassured by a coworker that they make something for all my worries. Our first baby gift came out of this panic. A turtle thermometer for bath time (thanks Jessi)! I’ve also become more aware of kids while I’m out and about, like the crying one four isles over and the cute one who smiles at me in the supermarket. It makes me daydream about what my little girl will be like and what she will do with her life, and just like every soon-to-be parent it’s usually good thoughts. I think what if my daughter becomes president, or I hope she is successful and rich! But I also find myself thinking, “oh my god, it’s a girl.” What do I know about girls!?  I know nothing about tea parties and Barbie’s. I’m sure I will learn though and have the time of my life!

I’m going to try and enjoy these next few months of setting up a nursery, trying to come up with a name, and getting as much sleep as possible! I hope you, and the “nit picking weenie,” (so I don’t have to do one of these again for a while) enjoyed reading this and any parenting advice is welcomed and appreciated!




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