Bosses Aren’t the Most Narcissistic People . . . Moms Are

Does it feel like half the people you encounter in life are self-absorbed jerks?  A new study looked at the states with the most NARCISSISTS.

They checked how often people Google things across four categories:  Wanting to “learn about narcissists” . . . “narcissists in relationships” . . . “narcissists in families” . . . and “narcissists at work.”  So, things like, “Is my BOSS a narcissist.”

But surprisingly, bosses aren’t the top person we wonder about . . . our MOM is.  (???)  “Is my MOM a narcissist?” ranks first.  Then it’s “husband,” “boyfriend,” “wife,” “partner,” “dad,” “friend,” “girlfriend,” “sister,” and “boss” is 10th.

According to the results, the five states with the most narcissists are Texas, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, and Indiana.  Hawaii has the least.  (Here’s the full list.)

The CITY with the most narcissists . . . and it’s a landslide . . . is NEW YORK.  Not surprising, since CEOs are more likely to be narcissists and psychopaths.

Even though Texas is the most narcissistic state, Austin was rated the least narcissistic city overall.

(Here’s the full list of cities.)

(Counseling Psychology)