Brent Didn’t Watch the Golden Globe Awards

Big Show Blog #4: Brent Didn’t Watch the Golden Globe Awards

I admit I didn’t watch the Golden Globes. I wasn’t all that interested since I’d seen next to none of the nominees. The exception is the Disney/Pixar flick, Coco. I might have gone to it anyway, but my nieces REALLY wanted to see it. That’s the only other motivation I needed!

I knew I’d watch highlights, because there would be some much talked about statements.

Seth Myers is a funny guy. While I may take exception to some of his targets, I did admire how he handled most of the incredibly touchy subject matter that some men in Hollywood are finally being called out for.

I think that I probably feel similar to most people that saw Oprah’s speech. It was riveting.  I thought she showed immense class in talking about civil rights and women’s equality. It’s pretty treacherous for most people to broach topics like that. I thought she was amazing, without being terribly controversial. What can I say? I’ve always found Oprah to be pretty cool. She handles herself like a pro.

The only bummer out of the whole thing for me, was the reaction to people (that love her) tossing out the obligatory “Oprah for 2020.”  I’m not suggesting I’m down for an Oprah presidential run, but what I’m against is the instant bashing. The minute it was mentioned, the obligatory hate came rushing out of people. Hate, hate and some more hate thrown in for good measure. Come on, man!

How people can rush to be so vile over a fantasy suggestion, instead of reflecting on a genuinely brilliant speech, is beyond me.  Sadly, I guess it’s just gonna be that way, isn’t it?

My good friend (and former KKRV mid-day host) Ryan Nelson comes to mind. He would say it this way about all the drama: Gross.

Yeah. It is.

(Watch Oprah’s full speech below)




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