Brent Watches “Stranger Things”

BIG SHOW BLOG: Brent Watches Stranger Things

I just finished watching both seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix. I don’t recall exactly how I got turned on to it, or who might have recommended it, but I’m sure glad I gave it a chance.

In case you’ve somehow missed hearing about it (it’s been quite the phenom since coming out a couple summer’s back) Stranger Things centers on the disappearance of one of four young friends, and the crazy chain of events that occur in their small town as they try to find out what happened to him.

I get why people are so crazy about this show. The boys have a comradery and innocence similar to the cast of Stand By Me. There’s an “Extra Terrestrial” type character with special abilities, who (like E.T.) is impossible to find to be anything but adorable. The actress who plays “Eleven,” is amazing in this role!

Thematically, it’s a straight up homage to the 80’s. It feels like it’s a trip down memory lane with the references and music! The people who cast this show have hit monster home runs with the boys, Eleven, and the rest!

Yes, it’s science fiction. But even if it’s not your preferred genre, it’s super easy to overlook with Stranger Things. After watching about 3 episodes, I looked at Holli and asked her if she knew what she was watching. Her response: “uh…Stranger Things?” She’s not a fan of sci-fi, but once I pointed it out, she acknowledged it didn’t even really register.

The only downside: it’s over and there’s no definitive word on when Season 3 comes out. Ugh. At least I know it will be back at some point.

But I honestly feel a little sad. This happens with any series I totally fall for: Dexter, Sopranos, Weeds, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, etc.

I need a new show. Help a brother out?



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