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Big Show Blog #3: Brent Blogs About Blogs

Really? Is a blog from one of us here at Country 104-7 something you would enjoy spending time on?

I don’t quite understand these blogs myself, although I will say that given the choice of having to spend my time listening to a “podcast” or reading a “blog,” I’d probably pick the latter. However, for me, that’s like being forced to choose whether I want olives or cucumbers. (I’d take the olives and hate it.)

I suppose my own feelings about blogging sways my opinion that most people probably don’t want to spend their time reading them. For instance: a girl I once dated a few years ago, (who I’m still friends with today) blogs regularly. She’s smart, funny, and really well connected. When she started hers, it was still kinda new, and fit who she was: progressive thinker…edgy…a do-er! I gave reading it a few tries but lost interest pretty quickly. It’s not just her. I know other people like you and me that feel compelled to blog. They didn’t get many reads either.

Now then, I don’t know if editorials from people like Wilfred Woods and Stephen King or sports columns by guys like Jim Moore are considered “blogs.” I say no, because that’s what those guys do. They write! And I readily admit to enjoying them.

I have never considered myself other than average at best at writing anything. I don’t sit back when I’m finished and feel much of a sense of accomplishment. I always dreaded book reports and essays. Thank God I missed out on trying to find someone on I hear being clever with how you describe yourself “on paper” is money!

There’s a survey after these things. My hope is you’ll click “no.” If you choose “yes” I can only assume I’ve offended you in some way or another along my 20 years here, and it’s payback time!

By the way, thanks for listening all this time! (And for reading this. Ack!)

Brent Rhodes

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