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Big Surprise: 2020 Set Records for Negative Emotions

I know this is going to come as a shock, but a lot of people around the globe didn’t have their best year last year.

Gallup has released their annual “Negative Experience Index,” which tracks bad vibes worldwide in more than 100 countries.  And last year, the world was feeling the worst it had in 15 YEARS.

The total index score for 2020 was a 32, which, despite EVERYTHING that went down last year, was only one point higher than 2019.  Remember, it’s a Negative Experience Index, so the higher the score, the more negative the experience.

For what it’s worth, the average score between 2006 and 2012 was 24, but it’s gradually been rising ever since.  Last year’s 32 was its highest so far.

Four in 10 adults worldwide said they were experiencing worry or stress last year.  29% were experiencing physical pain, 27% were dealing with sadness, and 24% were experiencing anger.

The HIGHEST “Negative Experience Index” score was in Iraq, which had a 53 . . . Taiwan had the lowest score with a 13 . . . and they didn’t provide an exact score for the U.S., but from a color-coded chart, it looks like we’re roughly in the middle.


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