Big Show Blog: Brent Is Okay With Richard Sherman In San Francisco

So Richard Sherman is a 49er. I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this could be pretty awesome!

Sherman was never a Seahawk that I loved. But I loved that he was a Seahawk. His swagger helped put that version of Hawks on the map, nationally. And he could back it up! Since he came in to the league, nobody has more interceptions, and nobody has knocked away more passes meant for who he was covering. Even great QB’s would limit how many times they would throw a pass in his direction!

I think he’ll wind up in the “Ring Of Honor” at Century Link, and rightfully so. He’s an iconic player, and might even be the best at that position we’ve ever had. Depending on what happens in San Francisco, maybe he makes the Hall of Fame.

He certainly had some classic moments following some of The Hawks biggest wins during his time. “You mad, bro?” Or remember this one: “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that is the result you are going to get.”

Yeah, there was drama with Sherman too. Sideline outburst that we saw. Other things we heard about. But you know what? Richard Sherman is hardly the only great player to be a Diva. Sure, some of the things he said or did were cringe worthy. But I think with a player like him, you just deal with it because of the bottom line: the guy was always on the field and he played great! Away from the field, I always appreciated his charitable contributions and that he never made embarrassing personal headlines. He’s a decent soul, I think.

I wish Richard Sherman well. I hope he heals up from his injuries and gets back to being a great player. It’s gonna be weird seeing him in another uniform, (and I know lots of people probably hate the idea of him going to SF) but honestly I can’t wait to see Sherm and Russ going against each other for the next couple years. I’d like nothing more than that rivalry to get heated up and mean something again. I loved the years with Harbaugh and Kaepernick in SF. That was fun!

I don’t think he’s giving fans the middle finger. I feel like this is a jab at the team bosses for “giving up on him.”  It’s classic Sherman, and I’m not surprised by the move.

The Niners are on the way up. The Rams are now the best team in our division. The Seahawks have to figure out how to stay competitive, while they re-stock. I don’t have illusions of them winning 13 games or getting to the SuperBowl next season, but I think they’ll be decent. This team still has firepower with All-Pro guys like Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright and (hopefully) Earl Thomas.

Pete Carroll and John Schneider have to find a few new players who develop in to our next greats. Hopefully we get a couple in the next draft, along with a couple free agent gems too. I think they’re the right guys for that job. At least I hope so. When Pete first got here, there was a season with Tarvaris Jackson as our QB where we went 7-9, and lost 5 games by less than a touch down. Tarvaris Jackson for crying out loud!

I think we’re in much better shape today (than we were in 2011) with the guys we have while we start re-stocking the shelves. Remember, nothing has happened yet. We haven’t gotten any new players. Lots can and will happen in between now and when things start to get rolling for next season.

Think this team can win 7 games? I do. Here’s how it gets to 9: #1) Our kicker this year won’t miss three game winners! #2) We’ll have plenty of games that are close, and there’s not too many better options than having Russell Wilson with the ball in his hand and a chance to win with a final drive. If you get to that 9 win mark, it means that you’re competitive and you have a shot at making the playoffs. A great QB usually means you have a chance. We have one! I’m ok with that scenario, given that we have to look to the future at the same time.

And I’m ok with Richard Sherman in San Francisco. It’ll be fun!



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