Big News for Bald Guys: Toupees Are Cool Now!

This is the biggest news for bald men since the shaved-head look came into style:  TOUPEES are back in a big way.  “The New York Post” did a write-up on how “hyper-realistic” ones are the hottest new “FLEX.”

They’ve gotten a lot better since their heyday in the ’80s.  The good ones use real hair that’s stitched into a piece of polyesterthin enough to sweat through.

They glue it to your scalp and give you the exact haircut you want.  You can shower in it and go six months before it needs to be reapplied.  (Here’s a video.)

The downside is they’re not cheap.  Good ones cost several thousand dollars, and even those don’t last long.  You might need a new toupee every year or two.

That’s still cheaper than a hair transplant though, especially if you’re fully bald.  And there a growing movement to normalize it.  So eventually, “wigs for men” might not seem weird at all.

You can already find guys online bragging about how good their toupee looks.  So it’s less about hiding your baldness now, and more about owning it.

(Robb Report)

(Here’s a guy showing off his toupee.  Warning:  F-bomb at :47.)