“Basic Things” That Took People Way Too Long to Figure Out

You probably know the meme, “I was today years old when I learned [blank].”  For stuff you SHOULD’VE already known.

People on social media are talking about the things they say they learned “embarrassingly late” . . . and here are some of the best revelations:

1.  “I’ve never heard someone say ‘Yosemite’ aloud.  I’ve been reading it as ‘Yo-sem-ight.'”

2.  “I once accidentally shouted ‘I love necrophilia!’ during a class in 10th grade.  I’d just read a book about a young teenage NECROMANCER, and I got the words mixed up.”

3.  “That pumpkin spice does not actually taste like pumpkin.”

4.  “In my 20s, I thought there was just red wine and white.  I tried to order white wine, and I was confused when the waiter asked which one.”

5.  “That carrot cake is really made with carrots.  I thought it was just called that because they piped a little carrot on the top, and you ate it around Easter.”

6.  “I thought roadside memorials were actual graves.”

7.  “That POW MIA wasn’t pronounced phonetically as ‘pow-me-ah.'”

8.  “I was 27 when I realized that ‘Hump Day’ referred to the middle of the week, and NOT the day everyone humps.  When someone would say ‘Happy Hump Day’ at the office, I’d think, ‘I’m pretty sure you can’t say that here.'”

9.  “That a quart is a quarter of a gallon.”

10.  “I thought the term ‘birthday suit’ meant an outfit you’re literally supposed to wear on your birthday.”

11.  “I thought ‘cattle’ was a separate species of cow until like grad school.”

12.  “That Rhode Island isn’t an island.  I learned that at 53 years old.”