Credit: DONGSEON_KIM via Thinkstock

August is Back-to-School Month.  So a new study looked at the hardest parts of school for kids LAST year.  And missing their friends was #1.

Missing friends, staying focused, and worrying about the pandemic were the top challenges kids faced in school last year.  Tech issues also ranked high.

The #1 thing PARENTS are worried about is if their kids have forgotten how to socialize.  But they’re still MORE than ready for them to get back out there.

Parents were asked to name the top things they’re excited about for this school year.  And there’s a common theme here.  A lot of parents want their ME TIME back . . .

1.  Getting kids back into social settings.  So, anywhere other than home.

2.  The whole family getting back to their normal routine.

3.  Being MORE involved with kids’ schoolwork than in previous years.  So a lot of parents feel more confident after all the homeschooling that happened.

4.  Celebrating the start of the new school year.  So, things like school orientations . . . or having the freedom to day-drink on a Monday again.

5.  Having more time to focus on yourself.

Getting them back into extracurriculars and sports also ranked high.