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Are You Brushing, Flossing, and Using Mouthwash in the Right Order? Probably Not

A woman’s TikTok video on the “right” way to clean your teeth recently went viral.  And even if you brush, floss, and use mouthwash, you might still be doing it wrong.  According to dentists, the ORDER you do them in matters too . . .

Most people who do all three brush first, then floss, then use mouthwash.  But the right way is the exact opposite of that.  Here’s the correct order . . .

1.  Rinse with mouthwash first.  If you do it last, it washes away the fluoride from your toothpaste.  And you want that fluoride to stay in there to prevent tooth decay.

2.  Floss.  If you’re already doing it before you brush, you’re doing that part right.

3.  Brush your teeth last.  If you do it before you floss, some of the food particles that were between your teeth might still be in your mouth.  So brushing last is best.

In the video, there’s also a fourth step where they say to rinse with a whitening fluoride mouthwash.  But someone talked to an expert who said to skip that step.  Don’t rinse with anything, including water.


@kassyslays90I seriously had a root canal on Monday and he’s just now sharing this info ##dentalhygiene ##husbandsecret ##todaywelearned

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