Are You a Dad? Your Kids Might Slowly Be Killing You

Maybe splurge a little more on your Father’s Day gift this time around.  A new study found there’s a good chance you’ve slowly been KILLING him all these years.

Researchers at Northwestern University found dads are at higher risk for heart attacks and poor cardiovascular health in general.

They think it’s because the added stress and responsibility that comes with being a parent affords less time for healthy activities, like exercise and eating right.

If your dad was young when you were born, you’ve done even more damage.  Men who were under 25 when they had their first kid have the highest risk.

But here’s the good news:  If his heart survives the stress you’ve put him under, you might actually SAVE his life someday.  The study found dads are more likely to die of heart issues, but less likely to die from ANY OTHER cause.

They think it’s because having a family offers you more social support, and your kids are there to help take care of you as you get older.

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