Are These Unethical Parenting Hacks Evil, Brilliant, or Both?

Okay, parents.  What the most unethical or underhanded thing you’ve done to trick your kid into doing what you wanted?

We’re talking white lies, maybe even beige lies.  But also just unethical hacks you’ve used.  People online had some good ones.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Changing the time on the clock to make them go to bed.  Like it’s 7:15, but you change it to 8:00 and say, “Oh, it’s bedtime!”

2.  “When the ice cream truck plays music, that means it’s out of ice cream.”

3.  The Tooth Fairy comes EVERY night to check for teeth, but also to see if you brushed.  And if you didn’t . . . she yanks a tooth out.

4.  Someone got their kid to read by turning on the subtitles on their TV.  They say they went up four reading levels during COVID.

5.  A guy’s parents told him he was allergic to alcohol.  They finally came clean on his 18th birthday and said they just didn’t want him drinking in high school.

6.  Tell little kids the sunroof in your car is for the ejector seat, and threaten to push it if they don’t shut up.

7.  If your toddler touches something that’s hot, it’s a chance to claim other things are hot.  Like, “Never touch that vase, it’s hot too.”

8.  “Your tongue turns purple when you lie.”  Then if you ask to see their tongue and they hesitate, you know they’re lying.

9.  When the batteries in a loud annoying toy die, tell them they don’t make those batteries anymore.

10.  “Your goldfish went on vacation . . . but he’ll be back soon.”

(BuzzFeed / Reddit)