Are These the 10 Worst Movies of 2019?

We’ve seen some Best Movies of the Year lists . . . and now “Rolling Stone” is rolling out a list of the 10 WORST movies of 2019.  It’s based on their own critics’ opinions.  Here’s the list, with their hot-take:

1.  “The Lion King” . . . “Jon Favreau’s photo-realistic rip-off of Disney’s 1994 animated classic reps a toxic trend:  It’s a corporate product minus heart, soul, and any hint of originality.”

2.  “The Kitchen” . . . “Melissa McCarthyElisabeth Moss, and Tiffany Haddish bury their talents in a misbegotten ’70s mobster movie that’s a true criminal offense.”

3.  “Gemini Man” . . . “Oscar-winning [director] Ang Lee gets so caught up in making Will Smith a digitalized, younger version of himself . . . that he forgets to craft a watchable movie.”

4.  “The Goldfinch” . . . “An all-star cast goes down in flames in what’s arguably the worst literary adaptation in decades.”

5.  “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” . . .”Even Cate Blanchett and director Richard Linklater can’t energize this lifeless take on [a] joyous book about a woman who suddenly disappears and sends her family on a wild goose chase.”

6.  “The Dead Don’t Die” . . . “Indie-film giant Jim Jarmusch never, ever screws up.  [But] this zombie comedy says otherwise.  What the [heck] happened here?”

7.  “21 Bridges” . . . “Chadwick Boseman shuts down New York to catch drug dealers and dirty cops.  Too bad he didn’t shut down this no-thrills thriller instead.”

8.  “Midway” . . . “Director Roland Emmerich depicts this crucial World War II naval battle by bombing us with cardboard characters and phony FX.  It’s a bomb, alright.”

9.  “Glass” . . . “What happens when M. Night Shyamalan jams the characters from “Split” and “Unbreakable” into one doubled-up sequel?  An incoherent, god-awful mess.”

10.  “Last Christmas” . . . “[An] indigestible blend of holiday rom-com and ghost story with zero-chemistry lovers and zero reason to exist.”

(Rolling Stone)