Are These 10 “Hot Weather Hacks” Clever . . . or Dumb?

It’s a hot summer for most of the country . . . excessively hot in some areas.  So some people are desperate for ANYTHING that can help keep them cool.

There’s a collection of “hot weather hacks” making the rounds online.  And like most “hacks,” some of them are clever . . . some of them are dumb . . . and very few of them are actually useful.  Here are a few:

1.  “Buckle your seat belt when you LEAVE your car, so that when you get back in, the metal buckle won’t be so hot it’ll burn you.”

2.  “If your home’s HVAC system is struggling to keep your house cool, it’s possibly a dirty filter.”

(If you haven’t replaced it before, it’s fairly easy.)

3.  You’ve probably heard this one:  “Make sure your fan is switched to spin COUNTERCLOCKWISE to create a downdraft and push colder air toward you.  There’s usually a switch at the base.”

4.  “When you start driving, don’t roll down all the windows.  Only roll down the driver’s and passenger’s windows, and the cross breeze will be much stronger.”

5.  “If you’re wearing sandals, and you have to take them off, put them FACE-DOWN.  That way, when you put them back on, your feet won’t burn.”

6.  “Put your suntan lotion in the fridge to enhance its cooling effects.”

7.  “Put a few plastic bottles three-fourths full of water in the freezer.  When the water is frozen, put the bottle in front of a fan and rotate when thawed.”

8.  “Put a large pot of cool water on the burner OVER your oven vent when the oven is on.  It will help keep your kitchen cool in the summer.”

9.  “It’s tempting to keep your windows open when it’s hot, but if you have no air conditioning, CLOSE all windows and shades that are sun-facing.”  One person even suggested putting your car’s windshield shade over a window.

10.  “The easiest way to cool down in high heat is to dunk your shirt in water and then wear it.”  Of course, it depends WHERE YOU ARE . . . the wet t-shirt look is not always appropriate.

( has a few more “hacks.”)