And Now, We’re Not Supposed to Drink Coffee When We Wake Up?

File this one under, “Tell me you’re a morning person . . . WITHOUT telling me you’re a morning person.”

A sleep expert named Dr. Deborah Lee says that drinking coffee the minute that you wake up may NOT be your best bet.

She says that when you wake up, your cortisol level is at its peak.  That’s your primary stress hormone, which enhances alertness and focus.  It also regulates your metabolism and immune system response.

If you drink coffee at that point, it may do more harm than good . . . and it’s even possible that you could become immune to caffeine.

Cortisol follows a rhythm “specific to your own sleeping cycle” . . . and that explains why your energy peaks in the morning, and you get more tired at night.  (Speak for yourself, Doctor!)

Dr. Lee says the best time to drink coffee is “mid-to-late morning,” when your cortisol levels have begun declining, and you first feel your energy slump.  If you wake up at 7:00 A.M., that might be 10:00 A.M. or noon for you.

But even waiting 45 minutes after you get up is better than having it first thing.

That said . . . another doctor and sleep expert, Wendy Troxel, says, quote, “There really is no scientific evidence that having caffeine first thing in the morning versus delaying it for a couple of hours has any differential effects on alertness . . .

“I think it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.”

(Fox News)

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