An ‘Unethical Hack’ to Stop People from Reclining Their Seat on Planes

Would this work?  Or does it just sound like a great way to start a fight at 30,000 feet?  A six-second TikTok is blowing up, because it’s about how to stop people from reclining their seats on airplanes . . . or at least retaliate.

If the person in front of you puts their seat back the whole way, just open your vent full-blast . . . and aim it directly at their head.  (Here’s the video.)

The TikTok account behind it does a series called “Unethical Life Hacks.”

Here are a few more suggestions they’ve come up with . . .

1.  Find a two-for-one deal at a restaurant . . . offer to take orders and go pick up lunch for your coworkers . . . then charge them full price, and pocket the rest.

2.  Ready to propose?  Buy a cheap old ring at a pawn shop, and claim it was your grandmother’s.

3.   New baby?  Smell their diaper while your spouse is in the room.  If it DOESN’T smell, lie and say, “Whoa!  Someone’s got a poopy diaper!”  Then take your kid to the other room . . . pretend to change them . . . and the next time they DO need changing, tell your spouse it’s their turn.