How’s this for being in the right place at the right time?

Some guy at a beach in Italy fell off his unicorn float on Sunday, and it got carried off by the wind.  Then he couldn’t keep his head above water and started drowning.

But luckily, one of the best swimmers in the WORLD happened to be at the same beach.  Filippo Magnini is a two-time world champion in the hundred-meter freestyle.  And he won bronze for Italy at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

He heard people yelling and saw the guy in trouble.  So while lifeguards grabbed a raft, he swam out . . . held him up until they got there . . . then helped pull him back to shore.

Apparently, the guy swallowed a lot of water and was in pretty rough shape.  But they got him to a hospital, and he’s okay now.

He’s hoping to meet up at some point to say thanks.

But Filippo’s acting like it was no big deal.  He says he just did what he had to do.