An Airman Saves a Baby Right Before Receiving an Award for Other Heroic Acts

Tech Sergeant Ken O’Brien is a member of the Special Ops rescue branch of the Air Force.  And last year, he was one of the divers who helped rescue all those kids in Thailand who got trapped in a flooded cave.  In the process, he saved a Thai Navy SEAL’s life too.

But that’s not all he’s done . . .

He was also part of President Trump’s security detail for his recent summit with Kim Jong-Un.  And he pulled someone from a burning car while he was in South Korea.  So he’s had quite a year.

Last week, the military gave him a big award for it.  But he might deserve another one now.  Because check this out . . .

He had to fly in from Japan for the award ceremony.  And during his trip, he saved ANOTHER life.

A one-year-old baby on his flight was choking and stopped breathing.  So Ken stepped in . . . cleared his airway . . . resuscitated the kid . . . handed him to his parents . . . and went back to his seat like it was no big deal.

He recently talked about why he’s always in the right place at the right time.  Quote, “If someone needs to go do something dangerous, I volunteer.  If someone needs a leader, I volunteer.”

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