America’s Favorite Baseball Mascots . . . and the Worst Is San Diego’s “Swinging Friar”

Major League Baseball’s opening day is TOMORROW . . . so someone conducted a poll on the best and worst baseball mascots.

They showed 1,000 people a series of head-to-head mascot matchups, and people picked the best one in each matchup.  Afterward, they looked at which ones performed the best across all the voting.

America’s FAVORITE mascot is PAWS from the Detroit Tigers . . . and the runners-up were Clark the Cub from the Chicago Cubs and T.C. Bear from the Minnesota Twins.

Arguably the most famous mascot, the Phillie Phanatic from the Philadelphia Phillies, came in 10th.

In LAST place was the Swinging Friar from the San Diego Padres.  The second-worst is Slider from the Cleveland Guardians.

They ranked 27 mascots, with the main one from each team.  Three teams don’t have a mascot:  The Yankees, the Dodgers, and the Angels.

For what it’s worth, more than half of baseball fans think those teams SHOULD get a mascot, while about one-third say they should not.  The rest don’t care either way.


(Here’s a graphic with all the results, along with photos of the 14 best mascots.)