Americans Want to Go to the Dentist . . . at 2:00 A.M.?

Are you ever at a bar on the weekend . . . hear “Last Call!” . . . and think, “Well, this would be a great time to go to the dentist.”  (???)

A new survey asked people which places they think should be open 24/7, and more than half of us think supermarkets and pharmacies should be open ALL the time.  (Some grocery stores ARE . . . but it’s definitely uncommon.)

The other results were:

Primary care doctors, 29% of people said that.

The post office, 24%

The bank, 24%

Dentists, 19%

Auto shop / mechanics, 18%.

Of course, this PROBABLY doesn’t mean that 19% of us want to have our teeth cleaned in the middle of the night.

The point is that the current hours of these businesses . . . usually weekdays, 9-to-5, or even less . . . ISN’T ENOUGH to meet people’s needs.

Maybe those are the hours YOU are busy at work . . . maybe they are so busy they NEED to be open more hours . . . or maybe it’s that, when we experience a medical problem, we want to be able to go in right away, 24/7.