Americans Are Willing to Pay Double the Listed Price of Any Item . . . If It “Lasts Forever”

Let’s be honest, we have all looked for the cheapest possible option of something . . . and then, months later, when that piece of junk breaks, we say, “they don’t make things like they used to.”

In a survey, the average American says they’d pay 108% more than the listed price . . . or DOUBLE the cost . . . if they knew it would last at least 20 years.

63% of people say they’ve regretted purchasing a cheaper product.  (Which seems VERY low.  Unless people write off cheap versions as disposable.)

People were asked which things they’d pay more for, if they could reliably “last forever” . . . or as long as you need them to work.  Cars and kitchen appliances were tied for #1 at 34%.

Cookware got the third-most votes, followed by TVs . . . phones . . . jewelry . . . watches . . . exercise equipment . . . dishware . . . and shoes.

(I’d also add tools to this list, along with furniture and computers.)

(SlickDeals / PR Newswire)