Adding These Eight Habits by Age 40 Can Add Two Decades to Your Life

If someone said cutting cheese out of your diet would add a year to your life, you might say not worth it.  But THIS is pretty significant:  A new study identified eight habits that can add over TWO DECADES to your life if you adopt them all by age 40 . . . 24 years for men, and 21 years for women.

You’re already doing a few of them, hopefully.  24 is just the max compared to someone who does none of them.

Here are the eight things you need to do . . .

1.  Exercise.

2.  Don’t get hooked on opioids or pain pills.

3.  Don’t smoke.

4.  Manage your stress.

5.  Eat a mostly plant-based diet.

6.  Avoid binge drinking.

7.  Get enough sleep.

8.  Have friends, and maintain good social relationships.

(CNN / EurekAlert)