There’s a woman in Milwaukee who grew up with no family.  But now she has a very BIG family . . .

46-year-old Jessica Benzakein ended up in foster care when she was 12 after her mom abandoned her.  And no one wanted to adopt a kid that old, so she spent the rest of her childhood in the foster care system.

Since then, she’s gone to college, had two kids, and made a nice life for herself.  But on Friday, her family got a lot bigger . . . when she officially adopted SIX KIDS.

Four of them are brothers . . . the other two are also brothers . . . and both of her biological kids are boys.  So that’s EIGHT BOYS in the house now.

They range in age from 4 to 17.  So most of them were in the same situation she was in, and probably wouldn’t have been adopted by anyone else.

Jessica and her ex-husband started fostering them a few years ago.  But the adoption means she’s officially their mom now.

She says she used to think she didn’t need a family, then realized she REALLY wanted one.  And having so many kids around feels like it gives her purpose.

(WISN / Today)