Here’s how you get in good EARLY with the in-laws:  A 71-year-old woman in Michigan named Bernice Ramseyrecently found out she needed a liver transplant, or she’d die.  And none of her family members were a match.

But it turned out her granddaughter’s BOYFRIEND was.  And he immediately stepped up to help.

His name is Cody Corwin, and he’s 26.  He’s been dating Bernice’s granddaughter Shelby for about three years.

Her family actually thought about REFUSING, because it was such a big gesture.  And he’d miss at least two months of work to recover.  But he insisted, and put himself on the donor list.

The surgery happened February 25th, and they’re both doing great.  Bernice’s family started a GoFundMe page to try and cover Cody’s lost wages.  They’re hoping to raise $25,000, and they’re up to about 15 grand so far.

If you want to help out, just go to, and search for “Bernice Ramsey Liver Transplant.”

(Inside Edition / People / ClickOnDetroit)