Would any of your exes do this for you?  Bill Henrichs and Mary Ziegler live in Minnesota.  They met in high school and were married 21 years before they got divorced in 1995.

But even after their divorce, they stayed friendly.  Partly because they have two kids together.  So they still saw a lot of each other.

Anyway, they’re both in their early 60s now, and Bill had recently been having health issues.  But he’s doing a lot better now . . . after Mary gave him one of her KIDNEYS.

Obviously most of us would never do that for an ex.  People usually try to KEEP their stuff in a divorce, not give it to the other person.  Especially not an organ.

But about 40 of Bill’s friends and family had already been tested, and none of them were a match.  So Mary says there was no doubt in her mind.  Quote, “[We] grew up together, and I knew that my children and grandchildren needed [him] in their lives.”

The surgery happened in October and went great.  Bill says what Mary did for him was “incredible,” and he’s still blown away by it.

He also joked that all couples should try to get along after a divorce . . . because, quote, “you just might need a kidney” someday.