A guy named Dan Laguardia was at a car dealership near San Diego last Tuesday to trade his old Scion hatchback in for a BMW.  Pretty nice upgrade.

And he noticed a younger woman named Kayla Cooper, who was also trying to buy a car . . . a much-cheaper Toyota Corolla.  But she walked out in tears.

It turns out she’s working two jobs to put herself through nursing school.  And she’s been borrowing cars from friends to get to work.  So she was hoping to get her own car, but couldn’t cover the down payment.

So after she left, Dan asked the sales guy if he still had her number.  Then he told him to call her and tell her to come back . . . because he wanted to GIVE her his trade-in.

His Scion looks like it’s probably five or 10 years old, but still in pretty good shape.  So he probably could have gotten a few thousand bucks for it.  But he decided it was worth more to her than it was to him.

When Kayla got back to the dealership, she didn’t believe it at first.  But Dan made it official . . . signed the title over . . . and gave her the keys.

He says he was happy to do what he could to help her out.  Adding, quote, “If everybody did that for everybody else, we’d be in a much better place.”

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