Tell your boss about this story.  Then watch how fast they run out of the room . . .

There’s a 69-year-old Vietnam vet in San Antonio named Albert Brigas who’s worked at a place called Renown Auto Restoration for the past 13 years.  And he’s been trying to retire, but wanted to pay off his mortgage first.

He still had about $5,000 to go.  So he was hoping to retire sometime next year.  But last month, his boss called him into his office and said he wanted to pay it off FOR him.

Rudy Quinones owns the place, and he’s been his boss for about 13 years.  He says Albert’s always been a hard worker, and never missed a day.  So he wanted to do something nice to help him out.

Albert gave him the paperwork showing how much was left on his mortgage, just a hair under five grand.  Then Rudy went to the bank and wrote a check.

Another employee told the local news about it.  He says it “needed to be shared, so people know there are people out there who do good things.”