A Third of Us Wish Our Hairstylist Would Cut the Chit-Chat

A new poll found half of us get our hair cut at least once every three months.  So here’s a question . . .

Do you like it when your barber or stylist makes CHIT-CHAT?  Or do you wish they’d zip it and focus on not lopping an ear off?

30% of us prefer it when our stylist DOESN’T make small talk.  65% enjoy it, and 5% don’t care either way.

Here are a few more quick hairstyle stats . . .

1.  The most common hair color in America is brown.  33% of us have brown hair . . . 18% said black . . . 22% said gray or white . . . 15% said blond . . . and only 4% have red hair.

2.  Around 1 in 20 people had gray or white hair as a TODDLER.  6% said it was one of those colors when they were just a year old.  (Wow, I thought Anderson Cooper went gray early.)

3.  26% of Americans say they’re a “natural blond.”  But there’s an asterisk with that one.  A third of us think it still counts even if you were blond as a kid, but your hair darkened as you got older.

4.  Have you ever dyed your hair?  Over half of us have.  81% of women, and 34% of men.

5.  If a guy dyes his hair, should he dye his beard the same color?  44% say yes.  21% say no, or at least don’t think too matchy-matchy is a good look.  35% don’t have an opinion on such things.

6.  15% of us cut our own hair.  Another 6% said they never PAY for a haircut.  So those people either have a friend or spouse who does it.  (Or they’re the Crystal Gayle type with hair down to their ankles.)

7.  What term do you use for a hair tie?  That’s the most popular term, but 21% of us call it a “hair band” instead . . . and 18% say “ponytail holder.”