This is a great example for kids of how just DOING something and putting yourself out there can pay off . . .

A 15-year-old girl in England named Taryn Everdeen recently sent a letter to her favorite author . . . a woman named Carolyn Meyer who writes young adult novels.

And even though Taryn’s a teenager and Carolyn’s in her 80s, they hit it off . . . and ended up co-writing a BOOK together.

Carolyn lives in New Mexico and was impressed with Taryn’s creativity after she checked out some videos she’d posted on YouTube.

So she wrote her back, and they started talking.  Then they came up with an idea for a time-travel book about a kid in modern-day America, and a girl in 16th-century England.

Carolyn eventually invited Taryn to come stay with her for the summer, and sort of be her mentor.  And Taryn’s parents said yes.

This all happened over the course of a few years.  Taryn’s 18 now, and Carolyn’s 84.  But they just finished their book.  And now Carolyn’s pitching it to her publisher.

She says it’s probably the last book she’ll write.  So she’s kind of passing the torch.  Her career’s ending as Taryn’s is just beginning.

(BBC / Inside Edition)