A Study Found the Best Place to Hide if a Nuke Hits

Your chances of dying in a nuclear blast are about a billion times lower than falling down an open elevator shaft.  So don’t worry TOO much about this, but it’s interesting . . .

A new study figured out the best place to hide and take shelter if nukes start falling.  Obviously a bomb shelter is your best bet.  But assuming you don’t have one, here’s what they say.

Ideally, you want to be inside a sturdy structure, not outside.  And get to the CORNER of a room as fast as possible.  Specifically, a corner FACING the blast.

Researchers did a bunch of computer simulations to see what happens when the blast wave hits different types of buildings.  And if you’re too close, there’s not much you can do.

But if you’re in the “moderate damage zone” . . . more than a mile or so away . . . you might have a chance.  That’s where the blast itself won’t get you, but the shockwave and high winds from it could.

They looked at how a nuclear blast wave moves through a building.  And the WORST places to be are in hallways, doorways, and near windows.  That’s where the air speed from the blast is the highest, because there’s a wind-tunnel effect.

The BEST place to be is in the corner of a room facing the blast.  But you only have a second or two, so be quick about it.