A Study Found “Opposites Attract” Isn’t Really True at All

Would you say your relationship is an “opposites attract” scenario?  Well, you might actually have more in common than you think:  A new study found “opposites attract” might just be a MYTH.  We’re way more likely to end up with people we have stuff in common with.

They looked at old studies that analyzed 22 different traits.  Then they did a follow-up that looked at 80,000 couples and more than 130 traits . . . everything from religion and “core values” to each person’s drinking habits.

Overall, they found most couples have similar habits and views on more than 80% of stuff . . . and substantially different views on just 3%.

Things we’re most likely to have in common include our political views . . . religious views . . . education level . . . how much each person drinks and smokes . . . and even the number of sexual partners you’ve had.

This part’s interesting:  They did find that extroverts don’t necessarily go for other extroverts.  But they’re no more likely to go for introverts either.  It’s a coin flip.

Overall though, they found that “opposites attract” is definitely overrated.  Quote, “Birds of a feather are indeed more likely to flock together.”

(The Guardian)