An autistic student graduated high school in New York last month.  Now a video of him getting his diploma is going viral because the crowd gave him a SILENT ovation.

His name is Jack Higgins.  He lives about 50 miles north of New York City.  And he has a severe form of autism that makes him really sensitive to noise.

He wanted to walk across the stage at his graduation but was worried about the crowd.  So he did a bunch of practice runs with his teacher, where he’d plug his ears with his fingers.  But then his principal ran an idea by his parents.

Before Jack walked in the gym, the principal asked the other students to be totally silent for him, and only do a soft golf clap when he walked on stage.  And an entire gym full of teenagers actually stayed quiet for FOUR WHOLE MINUTES.

In the video, Jack walks in with his three brothers . . . goes on stage . . . gets his diploma . . . and fist-bumps the principal.  Then on their own, his classmates give him a standing ovation without making a sound.

Jack’s principal says it’s the most remarkable thing he’s seen in his 31-year career.

(CNN)  (Here’s the video.)